kjournalprint – Knot DNS journal print utility


kjournalprint [config_option config_argument] [option...] zone_name

kjournalprint [config_option config_argument] -z


The program prints zone history stored in a journal database. As default, changes are colored for terminal.

Config options

-c, --config file
Use a textual configuration file (default is @config_dir@/knot.conf).
-C, --confdb directory
Use a binary configuration database directory (default is @storage_dir@/confdb). The default configuration database, if exists, has a preference to the default configuration file.
-D, --dir path
Use specified journal database path and default configuration.


-z, --zone-list
Instead of reading the journal, display the list of zones in the DB.
-l, --limit limit
Limits the number of displayed changes.
-s, --serial soa
Start at a specific SOA serial.
-H, --check
Enable additional journal semantic checks during printing.
-d, --debug
Debug mode brief output.
-x, --mono
Don't generate colorized output.
-n, --no-color
An alias for -x. Use of this option is deprecated, it will be removed in the future.
-X, --color
Force colorized output.
-h, --help
Print the program help.
-V, --version
Print the program version.


A name of the zone to print the history for.

Exit values

Exit status of 0 means successful operation. Any other exit status indicates an error.


Last (most recent) 5 changes without colors:

$ kjournalprint -nl 5 /var/lib/knot/journal example.com.

See Also

knotd(8), knot.conf(5).